You miss him, don’t you? {Madge And Marvel}  


Marvel ran his fingers over the tip of his spearhead. A chuckle pouring him his mouth as he did so. As a smirk painted itself onto his face he locked eyes briefly with the blonde standing in front of him. Although Marvel wasn’t much of a people person he wasn’t an idiot either. He could see right through her strong girl act. The only reason he suspected it was he was feeling the same pain inside himself. Only a day or so earlier he’d killed the only girl he’d ever loved. And the guilt was killing him. As he got to his feet he stared into her eyes deeply looking down into her heart. Everything he wanted to know was written clearly in her eyes. 

“You’re a liar 12. You miss him. Say it, you liked him.. Didn’t you?” Marvel said, letting himself smirk. He felt bad, deep down. Not that he would ever admit to it, but he felt sorry for her. If she found out, or anyone found out he had a heart all the sponsors he’d received would be gone. And a rebellion could break out, knowing there was a Career who was tired of living this life. His eyes said what his mouth couldn’t. “Want me to help you with that?” Marvel said, waking around her as he drugs his spear softly on her sides as he did. 

Madge gnawed against the inside of her cheek, nervously eyeing Marvel’s spear. She was defenceless apart from a small dagger which she didn’t really know how to use and would be no match for the brunette career. She remembered the rumours in the Capitol about Marvel and the girl from District 6, the one who’s face Madge had seen in the sky earlier that week, but Madge knew better than to bring it up. Marvel was a career, he was trained not to have emotion, if anything, talking about the girl may only bring her immanent death on more quickly.

She bit her lip, suddenly fixated with the ground. Her cheeks blushed a dainty rose colour. Madge hated how feminine and girly she was, especially compared to Katniss, who was fearless, lethal and strong. No wonder Gale had never wanted her. But she refused to be pushed around by this boy. Madge vowed to die with dignity. She took a deep breath, raising her head to meet eyes with Marvel. “Fine, I miss him, but I’m not going to cry about it, what’s done is done” she shook her head at the boy’s suggestion. Giving into him would only cause pain for her parents, for her poor mother who was still living the consequences of the second Quarter Quell. The thought of her loved ones made her bold. “I’m okay thank you” she replied boldly, clutching the small dagger in her left hand.

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Madge Undersee, 17, daughter of the Mayor of District 12.